II Transnational ASTRA Project Meeting


The Astra project partnership met on the occasion of the second TPM, held online given the significant surge in covid19 cases in Europe. The following took part in the meeting: Alessandro Paladino, Marcello Caruso, Flavia Binenti, Dario Valentino (Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo) Maria Cristina Scarano (Internet Web Solutions) Ewa Kubel, Sylwia Jankowska (Fundacja Ad Meritum, TPM2 hosting organization).

After the hosting organization's welcome (Fundacja Ad Meritum), all partners and participants followed the previously approved daily agenda:

  1. General introduction to the project implementation -Financial aspects:

Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo's members of staff set up new deadlines for Astra's financial records (the 10th of December 2021) in order to update the MT+ properly. Idrisi shared in detail the event “TCA Sustainability”, organized by the German Erasmus+ National Agency, to whom both Idrisi and Astra will participate as selected guests.

  1. Project outcomes – Spain. Cristina Scarano presented the OER (IO2) updates both in terms of structure and dissemination via PowerPoint Presentation. Back-Office presentation and credentials, updates on Associates and registered Stakeholders.

  2. Project outcomes – Italy. Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo shared the updates related to IO1 and IO4: in detail, a significant amount of Reports and Case Studies related to post-mining areas in Europe and in Sicily, dealing with Sustainability, Creativity, Entrepreneurial Approaches. Idrisi shared a docufilm-demo (IO4) as well, although still ongoing.

  3. Project outcomes – Poland. Fundacja Ad Meritum shared a very detailed and fruitful presentation of IO3 – Feasibility Study, along with significant case studies of fully revitalized post-mining and post-industrial areas in Poland. Idrisi suggested a new turn for IO1: a comparison between the virtous examples provided by the polish partner and the ones, essentially abandoned, from Italy and Sicily, which can work not only as a Report, but also as a Policy Recommendation mainly for public stakeholders.

  4. Quality measurement and new deadlines: 30th November 2021 – Presentation by AdMeritum to be translated by all partners;10th December – deadline for sending financial report to IDRISI; 31th December – deadline for sending case studies / examples of post-minins areas from IDRISI and Internet Web Solutions (more than three) and IO1 first operative draft; 30th January – deadline for sending a collaction of all case studies / examples by AdMeritum; Feb-March 2022, TPM3 in Spain.