III ASTRA Transnational Project Meeting online


On February 11th, 2021, the partnership of the ASTRA project met for the third Transnational Meeting. The host of the TPM was Internet Web Solutions from Spain.

Although there are slow signs of improvement for the pandemic in Europe, organizations preferred to meet online. The daily agenda was followed in details, being agreed and approved by email several days before by the partnership itself:

1) Project Implementation - where we are?

Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo showed the project GANTT, noting that no activity is late or incomplete. Discussion about the TCA "Sustainability in Erasmus+" (promoted by the German National Agency) in which Idrisi participated as coordinator of the ASTRA project as selected by the Italian National Agency.


Presentation of deliverable and next steps: showcase of the first part of IO1 by Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo, consisting of numerous subsections and case studies. Draft ready for digital implementation and translations in ES and PL.

3) IO4 ASTRA PHOTOVOICE STORYTELLING and IO5 ASTRA HANDBOOK First steps to be done: dates and deadlines for the first visual productions of IO4 and IO5 (docufilm according to the "Photovoice" methodology and Interviews with stakeholders) - April / May 2022, Sicily).

4) IO2 ASTRA GEODATABASE AND DIGITAL PLATFORM OER, platform visits, new sections, case studies uploaded, mines and progress on Geodatabase, dissemination and visibility, videos for related materials: IWS presented in detail the status of the OER: quantative data regarding its visibility, backoffice status. IWS proposed to produce a monthly Newsletter to enrich the News section, receiving the approval of the Partners.

Large showcase of the "GEODATABASE" section, ready for publication, receiving the applause of Idrisi and FAM.

5) IO3 ASTRA CREATIVE UPCYCLING FEASIBILITY STUDY Progress, work schedule, deadlines, expected impact and transferability potential: showcase by Fundacja Ad Meritum of the Feasibility Study: extensive documentation already available on the cultural, tourist and entrepreneurial opportunities present in the post-industrial and post-mining sites in Europe. Extensive material has already been submitted by FAM for IT and ES translations and for online publication. Presentation of evaluation and cataloging criteria of the former European mining heritage

6) Project Management: mid-term report deadlines and quality assurance: discussion on the steps necessary for the preparation of the mid-term report in compliance with its deadline, with reference also to financial reports. The partnership also established the next deadlines: OER update (Interactive geodatabase, first part of IO1 in IT / EN / ES / PL, first part of IO3 and qualitative cataloging in IT / EN / ES / PL for the first week of May 2022; Monthly newsletter starting February 2022) 7) New partnership dates: TPM4 and LTTA, in presence (Poland).