ASTRA joined the event “Strategic partnership for Creativity in response to the post-pandemic crisis”, organized and coordinated by the Italian National Agency, in Florence


On October 20, 2022, delegates from Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo ETS participated in the monitoring meeting of the strategic partnership for creativity in response to the post-pandemic crisis. The event was organized in Florence by the Italian National Erasmus+ Agency INDIRE, specifically by the Adult Education unit. This event was dedicated to all beneficiaries of Erasmus+ KA227 Partnerships for Creativity.

The delegates from Idrisi took the opportunity to introduce the ASTRA project and engage in dialogue with other beneficiary organizations coordinating similar projects in the field of creativity and the promotion of digital culture. The theme of the event was indeed "Culture and Creativity for Social Cohesion," which was not only the focus of the national event but also the broader European EPALE Community Conference. This thematic meeting specifically addressed the monitoring of strategic partnerships on creative sustainability in response to the post-pandemic crisis, the winners of the extraordinary call in October 2020.

Many aspects and functionalities of the EPALE platform were also explored during the event. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to disseminate ASTRA within prominent European networks and participate in an internationally renowned conference. This has always been one of the most significant and ambitious milestones set not only by Idrisi but also by all consortium partners from the very beginning of our journey with ASTRA.