Multiplier Event in Bytom, Poland, coordinated and promoted by Fundacja ad Meritum


On October 26, 2023, our partner organization Fundacja Ad Meritum coordinated and promoted the multiplier event in Poland, which was planned from the beginning of our project journey. This event took place in the city of Bytom, Poland, a post-mining location that has been the focus of numerous studies, dissemination activities, storytelling, and testimonial collection, as evident in the various resources of IO3. Bytom is indeed one of the most relevant case studies in ASTRA, serving as a best practice example of post-mining revitalization that has been shared and promoted in other countries, particularly in Italy and Sicily.

The Polish multiplier event involved a significant number of participants, mainly young adults, educators, and cultural promoters. In particular, it also engaged the staff responsible for numerous cultural institutions active in this rich post-mining area, between Bytom and Rozbark, including the coordinator of artistic and educational projects at the Rozbark Theatre.

More than 40 participants were reached, exceeding the originally targeted number set by Fundacja Ad Meritum during the drafting of the ASTRA proposal.