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The coal mine was founded during the II War World by Germans. They started the construction of a mine along with a processing plant - a briquetting plant.

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Anthropological information

Konin Coal Mine is a multi-pit mine still in operation, however not every from 9 opencasts are still in function. Some of the facilities that have been created in former excavations include parks, recreational areas, allotment gardens, sports facilities and water reservoirs.

Sociological information

In 1926 in interwar period lignite deposits were examined and documented. The exploitation begun during the War World the second by Germans. Poland took over the new build facilities in 1945 starting mining from the Morzysław open pit. In 1953 the second pit, Niesłusz begun its exploitation. In late fifties the mine was at its best time as Konin Power Plant was created in 1958 and then the second Power Plant Pątnów was established in 1967-1969.

Every year the mining technology was becoming more advanced.

Archaeological information

The mine area covers several districts and a dozen or so communes in Konin region. Reclaimed area of Kazimierz pit has 110 ha surface. A water reservoir was made there occupying 65 ha of the surface. In comparison, reclaimed area of Jóźwin pit was greater as only a water reservoir will take 440 ha of the surface. The rest of the terrain is dedicated to leisure complex including beach, amphitheatre, numerous walking and bicycle paths, rope park, playground for children. barbecue hut and park. Another great example is Lubustów pit which was the deepest pit of all Konin’s mine reaching 55 meters below the surface. Currently, a great example of agricultural and forest reclaimation. 70 ha of forest was created and 480 ha of  water reservoir.

Sustainable tourism insights

In Konin there is a mining open-air museum. All post-pits are available for any kind of visitors as they are within Konin district and in local counties and communes.

Environment sustainability

Before every pit exploitation there is a plan for its reclamation. It’s a constant investment in local areas. Recultivated areas are turned into forests, agriculture areas, lakes, parks, and leisure districts.


Konin, Greater Poland Voivodeship