The ASTRA Handbook will provide an overview of the findings drawn from the early testing of this new learning standard in Italy, Poland, Spain. In so doing, it will provide much-needed basic guidance to all those stakeholders - be it volunteer groups or professional policy makers - envisioning the transition and conversion of brown-field, post-mining areas in socio-economic decline seeking to top up their community's resilience and re-brand their locality in regions and sub-regions at the Southern and Eastern peripheries that have traditionally been less successful with economic revitalisition and restructuring than best-practice case counterparts in Western (Cornwall and Dorset) and Central EU (the Ruhr Valley).

This handbook will consist of a complete catalogue of the modular activities developed through IOs 1 to 4 for the benefit of stakeholders wishing to engage in and and lay out the first stepping stones leading to economic and the green transition, conversion and revitalisation of former brown-field post-mining areas across EU countries. Additionally, the handbook will detail the results of IOs 1 to 4 through an impact analysis of the learning modules and tools as well as an evaluation of the case studies focusing on the creative up-cycling of sample abandoned heritage items.